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A Bite to Eat with Bear

1 pc Grilled Camembert-type cheese with bacon, garlic dressing and crisped baguette        95 Kč
4 pcsPotato pancakes with blue cheese79 Kč
1 pcHome-made grilled sausage, mustard, grated horseradish, bread55 Kč
1 pcSausage roasted in beer, bread49 Kč
1 pcDevilled meat toast sprinkled with cheese                        60 Kč
200gHome-made potato chips, garlic dressing                    49 Kč


Old Czech garlic soup served in loaf of bread

                                                                          65 Kč

Soups according to our daily offer


Specialities of our Minibrewery

400gRoast pork ribs, mustard, grated horseradish, bread139 Kč

Brewer's goulash served in loaf of bread

(pork, onion, pepper, sausage, garlic, beer)     

135 Kč
150gBarbeque Burger, chips149 Kč
150gPiquant meat mixture in potato pancake           135 Kč
700gHot Chicken Wings, mustard, horseradish, bread149 Kč


200gFresh salmon steak roasted on herb butter195 Kč
200gFresh salmon steak with vegetable steak tartare                                               230 Kč
200gFresh salmon steak with dried tomatoes and roast potatoes         230 Kč
200gFresh salmon steak served on stewed vegetables195 Kč

Main Dishes Prepared From Chicken Meat

150g Chicken fillet sprinkled with blue cheese, served in potato pancake                                                         129 Kč
150g Chicken fillet in cheese sauce129 Kč
150g Chicken supreme stuffed with spinach and garlic139 Kč
150gChicken supreme with vegetable ratatouille139 Kč
150gGrilled  breast of chicken larded with rosemary, served in herbal pesto129 Kč
150gHot chicken sauté129 Kč

Main Dishes Prepared From Pork

200g Grilled pork tenderloin with mushrooms, served in cream-pepper sauce                                                149 Kč
200g Pork tenderloin with beans, onion and bacon                                                     149 Kč
200g Pork tenderloin larded with dried plums, served in cranberry sauce                                 149 Kč
200gPork tenderloin stuffed with almonds                                                                  149 Kč
200gRoast pork fillet in mustard-honey sauce130 Kč



100gVegetable salad with chicken meat, mustard dressing and crisped baguette                                     110 Kč

Pieces of chicken served on lettuce with cherry tomatoes and Parmesan cheese,

poured over with herbal pesto, baguette
119 Kč
100gMixed vegetable salad  

39 Kč


Hot mixture of forest fruits in cherry sauce, vanilla ice cream, home-made whipped cream                           69 Kč

Pancake with ice cream and home-made whipped cream

45 Kč

Side Dishes

200gGrilled potatoes poured over with garlic dip                                                                                         45 Kč
200gMashed potatoes with bacon, onion and cream45 Kč
200gRoasted potatoes30 Kč
200gBoiled potatoes  25 Kč
4 pcsHome-made potato pancakes45 Kč
200gChips30 Kč
200gVegetables stewed in butter45 Kč
200gGrilled vegetables49 Kč
200gRice25 Kč
1 pcCrisped baguette with herbal butter    25 Kč
1 pcBread5 Kč
1 pcRoll3 Kč
1 pcToast10 Kč
 Home-made tartar sauce20 Kč
 Garlic dressing          25 Kč
 Mustard15 Kč
 Fresh grated horseradish 20 Kč
 Ketchup15 Kč
 Barbecue sauce25 Kč

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