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About our Minibrewery


The minibrewery was founded in 2013 and is a follow-up to the rich history of the Domov boarding house, whose owners wanted to join the mentioned history with the Louny beer brewing tradition. The historic building of the boarding house went through an extensive reconstruction and construction changes to meet the requirements for arrangement of the minibrewery's technology, in particular, lager cellars in the basement. The minibrewery's production serves solely for the needs of the “Domov - Family Minibrewery” restaurant, which offers not only home-made beers, but also traditional Czech cuisine.

The “Lounský žejdlík” beer (Louny pint) is brewed in a 200-litre copper brewery installation, which is a part of the restaurant interior and thus enables guests to watch the beer brewing process itself. There are stainless fermenting vessels (vats) in the basement and several 1000-litre stainless tanks located in the constructed cooling box, from which the beer is tapped directly to the guests of the minibrewery.






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